What you as a future Au-Pair should know:

New Family Member: As an Au-Pair, you are a new family member for your host family. Your role will be to care for the children and not to do heavy housework. You are not placed in the home simply to help with household chores. The family may expect, however, that you help with light housework, such as helping to prepare small meals or helping to pick up the children's rooms.
Keep in Mind: The more you help around the home, the easier your intergration will be into the family. Your main job will be to care for or attend to the children and these specific duties will vary according to the ages and interests of the children.
Important: Most of the host families want for you to be like a big sister (or brother) to their children. This means they want you to look after their children, be attentive to them, play with them and also treat them in a loving manner. The children must also feel comfortable with you and feel as if they can trust you.
Your daily and weekly schedules will depend around the needs and wishes of your host family. There will, however, be limits set to your work schedule according to relevant work and labor laws.
Pay Attention: An Au-Pair is allowed to work 30 hours per week, a maximum of five hours per day, spread out over five to six days. As part of these 30 hours, a host family can request the Au-Pair to babysit two or three evenings per week. An Au-Pair has at least one day per week free.
Light housework should not take up more than 50% of the regular work time. An Au-Pair may take two days paid vacation off per month, which do not have to be on a Sunday or a Holiday.
After working for 12 months, you are entitled to four weeks of paid vacation.
Additionally: As an Au-Pair you will receive from 280 Euro per month as pocket money. In addition, the host family assumes the costs for health and accident insurance.
It is Recommended: It is highly recommended for you to take a language course during your Au-Pair year. You must, however, pay for this yourself. The host family will accomodate this and ensure that you have time in your schedule to attend a class and arrange for transportation to and from the class.

General Requirements to work as an Au-Pair
-maximum age 27; an Au-Pair must be age 17-24 on the date that the corresponding visa is issued
-a high school diploma, references and experience caring for children
-basic knowledge of German or English (depending on host family's language)
-a doctor's certification stating that you are in good health

Prices & Conditions

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