What you should know as a future Au-Pair host family

Information: Both single-parent families and two-parent families in which one partner (at least) speaks native English qualify for the Au-Pair program.
Important: The host family-parents should be able to provide strong family contact and support to the Au-Pair. It is also wise, especially in the beginning, to not leave the Au-Pair alone to care for the children the whole day. When both parents work full time, an effort should be made to check on the Au-pair and children throughout the day. Ideally this would mean working at least part-time in the home or near-by to facilitate a home visit during the day.
The Au-Pair needs Adjustment Time: As a host family, you are making it possible for a young person from a foreign country with a different cultural background to live and work with you as a "family member" for a period of time. Although the Au-Pair is responsible for her or his own adjustment and adaptation to the new country, the host family should not forget how difficult it is for the Au-Pair to feel comfortable in a completely new environment.
Be Patient: It is especially important in the beginning to be patient with your Au-Pair and to give her (him) some time to adjust to the new surroundings so she (he) does not experience "Culture Shock." If the Au-Pair fails to adjust and the situation in the home is too difficult, please contact the Au-Pair agency. We will work with you to find a solution to the problem.
Appropriate Au-Pair Duties: The Au-Pair is in your home to help care for the children and to perform light housekeeping chores. These chores might include preparing small meals or helping the children clean up their rooms. The Au-Pair is by no means a housekeeper or maid. As a general rule, the Au-Pair should spend no more than 50% of the time that she works helping with household chores. This means the Au-Pair should spend at least 50% of her (his) time caring for the children.
Au-Pair Work Schedule and Vacation Time: Your Au-Pair will work 5 - 6 days per week for up to 5 hours per day so long as the total hours worked do not exceed 30 per week. You may apply these 30 hours to babysitting time 2 or 3 nights per week.
Additionally, the Au-Pair receives or accumulates 2 paid vacation days for every full month worked. This means after one year, the Au-Pair receives 4 weeks paid vacation (see also information directed to Au-Pair).
Requirements of Host Family: The host family must provide the Au-Pair with her (his) own bedroom, 260 Euro in pocket money per month, and health and accident insurance. Finally, the host family must allow the Au-Pair time to take an English class (or appropriate foreign language class) and arrange for transportation to and from the class. The host family must also alow the Au-Pair to freely practice her (his) religion.

Requirements to be the host family of an Au-Pair
- one or both parents must speak their native language corresponding to the country
- able to provide the Au-Pair with her (his) own room, 280 Euro per month pocket money, and accident and health insurance coverage.

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