Increase your horizon and the world stands open for you!

A year abroad is nowadays nearly a "Must" for every application for a job and enables totaly new perspectives. Possible is this before doing an apprenticeship or before the study.

Fill in the following Questionnaire Au-Pairs without any commitments and we sill search the matching family for you. At the moment we offer only South Africa, Kenia Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain.

You look for a reliable Au-Pair?

Fill in the following Questionnaire hostfamilies without commitment and we will search the best fitting Au-Pair for you.

Agency O-Pair is reliable and gives you the certain feeling that you have choosen the correct partner. We make the complete arrangements and forms for you so that also the necessary paperwork will work properly without problems.

'We have specialise of taking place AuPairs from Afrika (Madagaskar, Kenia, South Afrika) in German families. For international hostfamilies we are taking place Aupairs from Germany and England.

Our caretaking is more than a normal service and also includes a regular visit on location. Via a close partnership with our competent partner agencies we ensure also a very good caretaking of the Au-Pairs abroad. With this method we solve problems before the occur.